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Sunday, October 31, 2010

the LTA updated their site

i found this on one of their pages. it doesn't have my name next to it but no one else is gonna own up to making such a silly mousetrap. anyways, i had to take a good look at it; wondering if my butt looks too big. but really, what was i thinking when i called this "race ready"? granted its a solid bike and it slipped through safety inspection like a greased walrus, but ready to race? 
things to do: get those silly wires out of the wind, feet way further back, reversed shift pattern, HEAD DOWN, some slick fenders would help, lower the whole bike, HEAD DOWN, hands farther back and in tighter, enclose the rear section, gotta get my ass a little lower and get that bulbus, bean-can down and out of the wind. 

number 9402