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Sunday, October 17, 2010

the "to-do" list is filling up...

just a couple excuses to do stupid things...

(in no particular order, sorta)

one thing crossed off the "to-do" list is the annual douching of my sled. work is taking me away and so my season is done for the year. kinda sad but its been a hell of a season. almost 8,000 miles this year and this turd has proved itself seaworthy yet again. all of the breakage was normal wear 'n tear and only once was i left on the side of the road (clutch cable fail) and i don't mind giving credit where it's due: Truett&Osborne for the motor, guidance from Cape Cod Choppers and Dylan for moral support and more "guidance". and maybe even a pat on the back for myself for work well done; i may be a moron but my shit always made it there.