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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

new "reliable transportation"

so the van had a meltdown and i cried. fortunately with a little "retail therapy" i have begun the healing process. my recovery started with the purchase of one 1973 Chevy K20. the price was right and it ran but even more fortunately for me was it needed a little TLC; some fresh goo in the joints, gaskets and new dino-lube in the spinny parts. it really felt good to be working on a straight forward machine.

some sweet features include:
the super rad and spotless bench seat with the high point in the center. every bump in the road bounces you towards the door. and no, the lap-only seatbelt doesn't help.
 my friends said this was a good axel to have. someone named Dana made it when he was 44 or something.
 and apparently, more bolts is better as it pertains to a differentail cover. i call bullshit, just more stuff to loose. i coulda held it on with one.
 some one put an edelbrock on top, awesome, i think. at least its easy to work with. but its what you don't see in the pic that is really why i bought it: NO WIRES! well, i guess a couple. but the wiring diagram only takes up half a page so there is a slim chance that a re-re like me might understand it.
 friends who know things also said to look for 4-bolt endcaps. okay, found 'em, now what? do i win something?
 big tires to make up for my little weewee.
 dog approved.
and bossgirl has hereby named this vee-hikle Dubbledikken cause i can't seem to "fix" it right the first time.