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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Things I learned today...

- When you purchase a used handgun from a licensed dealer in Massachusetts, they indeed do just toss it in a plastic bag and send you on your way.

-It is illegal to hunt a turkey with anything other than a shotgun or bow. The significance of this law being that weird beard and myself may no longer follow through with our plan to dispatch turkeys with golf clubs. (self defense scenarios excluded)


-There is a slight "grey area" as it pertains to golf clubs being securely fastened to firearms and bows.

-It is currently gray squirrel hunting season and no special permit/tag is required.


-Weird beard's old man is still a hoot.

-Halloween is, in fact, the BEST day to go to MaryLou's (http://www.marylous.com) because inevitably one of the employees will be dressed as a "Hooter's" girl, thus removing all doubt of her next career move.