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Saturday, May 14, 2011

getting back to normal, relatively speaking.

okay so the truck was a ton of fun but it just wasn't working out. i needed a stool to reach anything under the hood, the motor was huge and so was it's fuel consumption and getting a bike into the bed was like playing Russian Roulette. it had to go. 
 now this is a superior machine. this turkey wagon was originally used to tote around a puppet show put on by firefighters. cruising around montangya teaching elementary kids about not piping yayo and "stop, drop and roll". 1970 one ton; handles like a beach ball full of water. 40 year old chassis and suspension design ensure nothing short of a thrilling ride while the all-drum brakes fade away like your immediate future.
 functioning console features include: a horn. features not included: seat belts, a radio, GPS or Onstar.
 "work back". and as soon as i get some black paint, OSB, insulation and tie-downs i should be ready to cruise the local truck stops...