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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

kinda bored lately.

progress has been slow lately due mainly to no days off and the sudden need to sleep more than 4 hours a night; getting old sucks and i do not recommend it. however, to keep my hands out of trouble... 
 the blue light is a Whelen light head used behind the grills of most police cruisers, now it resides under my seat. all i need now is a quartz watch and i can fit in with the other "custom dudes". and with dylan's guidance i managed to get my clutch adjusted properly. i also noticed that i did not have in my tool bag the proper do-hickey to adjust my clutch. this oversight was immediately remedied. ALWAYS be ready to fix your own shit. i also made use of some of the taiwan-ted wrenches i have lying around for just such an occasion.  
 Specialty Clutch Adjustment Tool, part #: 33950 available now through this site. send $40 via paypal and you will not only receive this American made custom piece but also a brown paper bag containing a mystery prize that may or may not instigate divorce and or imprisonment.