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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the ordeal...

so coming up with the money to purchase this chariot was a piece of cake compared to making her seaworthy. and had it performed as poorly during the test-drive as it did on the trip home i doubt i would have made the purchase. this whole thing was at least a small lesson in the importance of being an informed consumer. admittedly i know very little about cars and trucks. i know how all the bits work and how you go down the road but the specifics of makes and models are lost on me. one thing i do know is that it takes quite a bit of force to blow out all the seems on a muffler. that backfire scared the dookies out of me.    
the dude said that it had a different motor than the straight-6 it came with. it was the dude's brother who owned it so he was not sure what kind of motor was stuffed in there. i thought i had taken a very close look at the engine. i could have sworn i only saw 6 plug wires coming off the distributor and 3 pipes coming down each side. and i positively remember dylan telling me that a V6 was not an option, but i apparently was not listening. i should have pulled the dog-house to really see. oh well, a 302 is still a decent enough motor.
gotta fix that window so it can go up AND down. every time i fart its an instant dutch-oven.
oh yeah, almost forgot. i had made it a mere 2 miles with my new purchase before things began to cascade, starting with the depletion of my fuel.