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Sunday, July 25, 2010

coming together...

i have no idea what this picture has to do with anything but its Mom-Dukes rocking an AR-15 so thats still pretty cool.
and for those who care (pretty much only me), shit ain't broke no mo. my stupid ironhead has dodged the recycling pile once again and the van is hooked on phonics. which brings us to the salt bike... the dawn hot lap was a success in many regards. the bike pulled hard in 3rd with 14-28 gearing. this puts me just south of 80mph which may make a decent impression if i can pull it to 5th. however, these exciting results were not enough to break the stone demeanor of the EPA. i am sure that i was the last thing he expected to come across at 5:30am; especially considering i was fully bling'd out in a Vanson onesie riding the remnants of a dirt bike. he was nice and let me go on the promise that he would never, ever see me again. fair enough.