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Saturday, July 10, 2010

I don't know what Smokeout Dylan and Warren were at, but this one had tits!

Man, Roadside Marty sure does have a gift, when it comes to talking young girls out of their clothes! Unfortunately, he told me, that it mostly works when he is on a stage and in front of hundreds of drunken bikers. Great for us, though! Even better for water bearers GTP and Massachussetts' own Smokin' Eddie Black!Only after we set up Camp Coconut for the weekend did we notice the bright red jersey barrier with the fresh concrete slab poured next to it. It's a good thing none of us (except Dylan) planned on sleeping the entire time.
Lots of drag racing went on all weekend. Lots of street bikes, choppers, and even some full on drag bikes and top fuel nitro burners. This one ended up in the campground at 3 am.
Lowbrow's latest super sano triumph. These guys rule! Totally hospitable throughout the whole event, handing out cold drinks and tons of swag to all who stopped by. They even remembered me from last year's Smokeout! Makes me want to give them even more of my money! Seriously, they have some of the coolest tees on the planet, all the best mags, and they are the place to go to when you need anything from Builtwell. (and you do)

Oh yeah! Did I mention there were naked girls there too? Even though Dylan doesn't like wet t-shirt contests anymore, I figgered he would want to see these pics if only for editorial purposes. Ha ha. Sorry buddy, couldn't help it!

Well that's it for now, maybe tomorrow it will rain again and I will learn how to post more than five pictures at a time...