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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Five more reasons why this shit is called a Smokeout!

Coconut Customs' very own Captain Holeshot (such a dorky nickname) keeping a watchful eye on the late night burnout fest. Starting at around 1 am, happy campers pulled up to the Cushman and tried their best to smoke their tires and in some cases, their drivetrains.
This guy put his trusty shovel to the test repeatedly throughout the night but could not kill the beast.
After running on the strip all day, the owner of this drag bike decided to leave what was left of his slick in the campground.

After this pic, the camera was useless and nobody standing within 100 square yards could see or hear anything, let alone even breathe.

Totally righteous pic of a hefty Asian burn session.

That is all from Ken's Korner for tonight. When I can take another break from riding my machine and growing my mullet, I will post some more worthy pics that survived my journey back from the Smokeout 11. Lots of goodies including naked chicks, drag racing and kickass choppers!