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Saturday, July 24, 2010

stupid motors

so six hours into trying to dial in my crab on the salt bike and i am getting pissed. no matter what i do things seem to suck and just when i don't think it can get any worse, dylan comes over. not only that but he notices oil splatter on my frame that is suspiciously even with my head gasket. apparently my tunnel vision was pretty bad, i was so fixated on the carb, i ignored the obvious signs of a tanked motor.
the piston looks pretty good, surprisingly enough. but when i turned the motor i couldn't help but notice a sound in the lower end that resembled nothing short of tears and failure. the lower conn-rod bearing was no longer along for the ride. i can't figure out why either. just because the motor was often redlined with returded gearing.... wonder if its because its had 30 years of abuse cause there is no conceivable way that this was my fault.

on the plus side the jug is totally hone-able.
so 3 hours later, the back-up engine is in and ready to go. it still screams pretty good but longevity is in question.
and then the van decided that i didn't need to get laid.
all forms of motorized transportation are down for the moment but the road to recovery is clear and straight.